Master Pickleball with Lessons from
PPR Coach Laurie Coyne.

If you're eager to elevate your Pickleball game, you need a top-notch coach. Look no further than PPR certified instructor Laurie Coyne with Aqua Lane Pickleball. Laurie has the skills, experience, and training to help pickleball players of all abilities master the sport and have fun competing.  

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Leagues, socials, tournaments and more. Both organized and OPEN play. We have over 25 courts offering play for all skill levels.

PPR Certified Coach and JOOLA Champion Rep.
American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED 

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Here's why you should sign up for lessons from coach Laurie:

Her Credentials Are Impeccable Laurie is certified through the Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR), the gold standard for coaching credentials. She keeps her skills sharp through ongoing education, consistently maintaining and upgrading her PPR certification. Laurie also has a background as a competitive Pickleball player, further enhancing her strategic abilities as a pickleball coach.

She Focuses on Proper Technique Proper grip, footwork, weight transfer, and other techniques are essential for excelling at Pickleball and avoiding injury. Laurie breaks down these biomechanics in an easy-to-grasp way, ensuring you develop excellent technical habits right off the bat.

Her Lessons Are Tailored to You Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, a kid or a senior, Laurie customizes lessons to suit each student's skill level, strengths, challenges, and goals. She keeps lessons fun while also packed with targeted instruction to help you improve as quickly as possible. 

She Teaches Winning Strategies In addition to fundamentals, Laurie shares the strategies for winning more games, whether you play singles or doubles. From serve and return tactics to smart court positioning and shot selection, you'll gain the competitive edge.

Her Students See Fast Results Under coach Laurie's expert guidance, students report rapid increases in skill level and Pickleball IQ. She has a gift for bringing out every student's capabilities. If you want to become the best Pickleball player you can be, Laurie is the coach for you.


For top-quality Pickleball instruction from a PPR certified pro, contact Aqua Lane Pickleball today to learn about lessons with Laurie Coyne. She would love to meet you and help you achieve your Pickleball dreams! Don't wait to Elevate Your Game.